Can I Wash My Crocs In The Washer?

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Uh oh, your Crocs are dirty but you have a party tonight! No time to scrub them by hand. But can you actually throw your Crocs in the washing machine? Since they’re made of croslite material, not rubber, the answer is yes. Read on for tips to safely machine wash your Crocs and get them party-ready in a snap.

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Can I wash My Crocs in the Washer?

Yes surely, you can wash your Crocs in the washer.  The crocs are very light, soft, and flexible. Crocs are many types suCrocs classic clogs andCrocses. They can be wasCrocsasily in the wasCrocsith a veryCrocsle cycle.

On the other hand, there are some crocs such as leather crocs, suede, and wool crocs, wedges and heels crocs, canvas styles crocs, air dry crocs, and fuzzy crocs which need different washing methods.

How to Wash Crocs in the Washer?

Washing Crocs in the washer is not difficult you need to know the process of washing them. Follow the process given below.

#1. Removing Laces and Insoles

If there are laces or insoles in your crocs, first of all, you need to remove them. Sometimes they are very hard, and then it is better to wash them by hand separately.

You can use soap or Crocsg soda, a baby bottle brush, and an old toothbrush to wash and clean the insole.

#2. Pre-Wash Task

There may be a lot of filth, dirt, and mud on the crocs. You need to remove such type of material as soon as possible.

This filthy material can get inside the crocs because of the hole. So clean them with an old toothbrush or a straw cleaner.

The bleach can also be used to remove stubborn stains. Always mix the bleach with clean water.

#3. Mix the Detergent or Soap in the Water

After removing the dirt from the crocs, prepare the liquid to wash them. For this purpose, add some detergent or soap to the water and mix them thoroughly.

#4. Place the Crocs in Washer

Now enfold the crocs in a mesh bag, an old towel, or a pillow cover. Keep them there for 5 minutes to soak well.  You will see the dark stains.

Always wash one pair at a one-time cycle to avoid any issues. If the crocs get stuck in the washer, they may cause damage.

#5. SCrocsg the Washer

Now set up your washer.  Keep the washer on the mild wash cycle, use cold water and the slow spin option, and run it gently to wash your crocs

#6. Drying the Crocs

After washing your crocs, take out the mesh bag and open it. Let them dry in the air, in the sunlight, or a well-ventilated area. It can take some time to process.

#7. Putting on the Laces and Inner soles

Now put on the laces and inner soles which are removed at the beginning to avoid damage. When you install them accurately, you can wear them and feel comfortable.


Everybody wants to keep his personal belongings to last for a longer time. For this, he always takes good care of them.

Crocs are very lightweight and comfortable shoes that fit your feet. If sometimes, they get dirty, don’t worry. You can wash them easily and use them for a longer time.

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