Can You Wear Crocs In The Rain?

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Do your feet stay dry or end up soggy when rain strikes while wearing Crocs? It’s a question on many fans’ minds. The short answer is yes, you can confidently wear Crocs in the rain with some smart preparation. Read on to get pro tips for keeping your feet comfy and protected when the skies open up unexpectedly.

Can You Wear Crocs in the Rain? Explained!

Certainly, you can wear Crocs in the rain since they are suitable for such weather. Clogs can also be worn during rainy conditions.

For short periods outside in the rain, regular Crocs perform well. However, if you plan to work in the rain for an extended duration, Crocs boots are preferable.

Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid wearing Crocs in heavy rain or snow.

What Features Make Crocs Wear in the Rain?

The following features of the crocs make them appropriate for wearing in the rain.

#1. Water-Resistant

In rain, your feet get wet soon which often becomes a disturbing thing. So, the only things that can guard your feet are your shoes.

Fortunately, winter Crocs are extremely water-resistant. They prevent different foot problems like calluses, blisters, foot odor, athlete’s foot, corn, etc.

#2. Breathability

There are holes on the top of Crocs that make the air pass easily. When your feet get wet in the rain, they need to dry, and then these holes help to make them dry soon. So, you can easily wear Crocs in the rain.

#3. Traction

In rain, you must wear shoes that have firm traction on the feet and ground. If your shoes have strong traction, it prevents them from slipping and falling.

So Crocs have good traction to hold your feet in rainy water. They have quality outsoles with good heel brake that protects you from slipping on uneven land and sharp descents.

#4. Lightweight

You must wear very lightweight shoes in the rain. Crocs are the best shoes for this purpose.

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They are made of stuffing and insulating materials that are more lightweight and less bulky. So the crocs are easy to wear in rain due to their lightweight.

#5. Ankle Support

The shoes must provide good ankle support while walking in the rain. Crocs provide the required ankle support with a flat sole. It is a must to avoid carrying heavy shoes that may cause harm to your ankle.

#6. Comfortable

In the rain, you need much care while walking, so your shoes must give enough walking posture, support, and padding.

Crocs are very comfortable shoes for walking in the rain. So, judge the comfort of the shoes before buying them for rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crocs waterproof shoes?

It is both yes and no. Technically, crocs are not waterproof shoes, they are water-resistant. They are made of plastic that can repel moisture and stop water from getting into the Crocs.

Do Crocs become slippery when they get wet?

Yes, crocs become slippery when they get wet. The material, with which they are made, does not have a good grip on wet floors and makes the wearer slip and fall. It becomes more harmful if you are working in the kitchen or bathroom.

Why do Crocs become so slippery?

Crocs become slippery because they have soft and smooth soles. The design material does not provide grip as required. Be careful on a wet surface while walking in the rain.

Are Crocs good shoes for snow?

No, crocs are not good shoes for snow. They are lightweight, breathable, and flexible but they don’t provide warmth in cold.

What age people can wear Crocs?

There is no age limit for Crocs to wear. They are ideal and perfect for all ages. They are equally worn by adults, children, old, men, and women because they are comfortable.

There is a large variety of crocs in different sizes, and you can pick the perfect one for you.


Having evaluated all the areas, you find no exact answer to this question; can you wear crocs in the rain? It always depends on your personal preference.

Some people feel they are too informal shoes to wear in the rain, while others claim that they are perfectly fit, practical, and comfortable to wear in the rain.

Eventually, it’s up to you to decide whether you feel comfortable wearing Crocs in the rain or not. What I would like to say, is they are very good shoes for wearing in the rain.

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