How to Put on a Crocs Chain?

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The holes on Crocs shoes allow for customization with charms and accessories. One fun way to decorate your Crocs is by adding a chain across the front. The thin metal chain gives a classy accent to casual Croc clogs. If you want to try out this trendy look, follow these simple steps to easily attach a chain to your Crocs.

Pick Your Crocs Chain

Crocs chains come in a variety of styles and metals to match your personal taste:

  • Silver, gold or black metal
  • Different lengths from short to long
  • Various widths and link sizes
  • Simple round links or geometric patterns

Measure first across your Crocs to determine the best length chain. Shorter chains only span 3-4 holes, while longer ones stretch across more. Pick a design you love in the ideal size.

assorted silver and gold Crocs shoe chains

Get the Needed Tools

Adding a Crocs chain takes just a few basic jewelry tools:

  • Chain cutter pliers or nail clippers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Measuring tape

Chain cutter pliers easily snip chains to size. Needle nose pliers help thread and fasten pieces. And measuring tape ensures proper sizing.

Pick the Right Holes

Start by measuring how many holes you want your chain to span on your Crocs. Most people place chains on the 2nd and 6th holes for 4-hole coverage.

Make sure to position the chain above the toe bar on the shoe’s strap area. Avoid lower holes over the footbed for maximum comfort.

Crocs chain placement on 2nd and 6th holes

Cut the Chain to Fit

Use your pliers or cutters to snip the chain to your desired hole length. Leave a bit of extra length on both ends to allow for fastening.

Thread the Ends into Place

Using the needle nose pliers, gently press one chain end through the starting hole from top to bottom. Do the same on the opposite hole with the other end.

Close and Secure the Ends

Once threaded through, use the pliers to press close the last link on each end. This will prevent the chain from slipping back out of the holes.

For extra security, you can also use a jewelry-making tool like a chain crimper to tightly pinch the last link closed.

Position and Arrange the Chain

Gently pull the chain ends to center and tighten the chain across the Croc strap. The chain should sit smoothly in position once secured correctly.

Use the pliers to neatly arrange the links if needed so the chain lies flat. Press gently to create a slight curve for added style.

Combine with Charms

For extra flair, pair your chain with Crocs charms attached to the holes adjacent to the ends. The charms and chains together create an eye-catching style.

Or use second shorter chains above and below the main chain through the 1st/4th and 7th/10th holes. Mixing multiple chains takes the bling up a notch.

Rock Your Crocs Chain!

With the sizing, placement, and fastening steps covered, you’re ready to rock a dazzling Crocs chain! This simple add-on accessory makes a big style statement. Share photos of your customized Crocs bling on social media to inspire fellow fans.

Switch it up by pairing different color chains with your favorite Croc styles. A Crocs chain offers an easy way to turn iconic comfort shoes into a fashion statement.

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