How To Shrink Crocs Strap?

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Crocs are very lightweight, attractive, and comfortable shoes. They are smell-resistant and sweat-resistant shoes.  They are made of croslite material (a type of close-cell resin similar to rubber or plastic). They are flexible, soft, and less slippery shoes.

Some crocs are simple but some have straps also. If they don’t fit your feet perfectly, then they will distress you while wearing them. You need to make them fit.

There are many ways to shrink your crocs which can make them perfectly fit your feet. But if you only want to know how to shrink Crocs straps, keep on reading this brief article.

How to Shrink Crocs?

It is very easy to shrink Crocs. You just need a dryer and a wet towel. The heat of the dryer can loosen the cellular structure of the crocs (croslite foam of crocs) and shrink them. Then the wet towel moistens the fabrics of the crocs at the appropriate ratio so that it can work well.

People living in hot countries can put the crocs outside for a few hours. The sunlight will also shrink crocs.

How to Shrink Crocs Strap?

Croc shoes are very casual rubber shoes for everyday use. Generally, wearing them, again and again, may cause them to stretch over time. But for shrinking croc straps, follow the steps given below.

#1. Removing the Strap

If you want to shrink straps only, first you must remove the strap from the crocs as they are easily removed. You should do this to avoid shrinking the entire shoe accidentally.

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You can remove the strap by stretching the hole around the strap button gently. Then slide the strap over the button also.

#2. Measuring the Strap

When you have removed the straps from the Crocs, you must measure the strap with a scale or tape. You will come to know the length of your straps before shrinking and after shrinking.

#3. Using Hair Dryer

Now lay the straps on a tabletop or heat-protected counter. Turning the hair dryer on and setting it to the proper and high-heat and then get it near the straps.

When the hot air comes directly across the strap, it will shrink the strap within three to five minutes. You will see the signs of shrinkage on the straps.

After completing the process, you can measure and see the difference.

#4. Installing the Straps Again

Make sure the straps are shrunk enough to fit your feet or not. You can repeat the process if they are not fit.

Now, install the straps on the Crocs as you removed them. You will have to stretch a little and fit it on the button. You can wear your Crocs now with perfect-fitting straps. You will feel them more comfortable than before shrinking.

Precautionary Measures

You must take some necessary measures to shrink your straps.

  • Remove them carefully so that you may not break the button or holes
  • Wash and remove the dirt from the strap, if any
  • Set the hair dryer at proper heat as overheating may damage your straps
  • Use gloves while heating and stretching the strap to avoid any mishaps


When you buy crocs online, you may face such type of issues, or wearing crocs for a long time may also loosen your straps. You can shrink them easily by following the simple steps I have explained.So instead of shrinking the entire crocs just shrink the straps after removing them. Keep them separately and make them fit with the help of a hair dryer, boiling water, and hot sun.

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