Are Crocs Closed-Toed Shoes?

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The iconic, holey clogs known as Crocs raise a common question – are they considered closed-toed shoes or open-toed? While the signature Crocs design appears open, most styles actually do qualify as closed-toe.

Read on to understand what makes a shoe closed-toe and why most Crocs sneak by as compliant footwear.

What are closed-toe shoes?

The closed-toe shoes are those shoes that cover all the feet, particularly the toes. They provide an extra layer of protection to your feet with a toe box covering toes. They don’t offer any holes or ventilation.

Are Crocs Closed-toe Shoes or Open-toe Shoes?

Crocs are both closed-toe shoes and open-toe shoes. In the start, they were closed-toed shoes. But with the increasing complaints and proposals of customers, the company launched the most stylish version of Crocs as open-toe shoes.

What is the Difference between Closed-toe Shoes and Open-toe Shoes?

Both types of Crocs have the following differences.

  1. The closed-toe shoes can cover the front part of the feet while open-toe shoes don’t cover.
  2. The open-toe shoes have breathable quality while closed-toe shoes don’t.
  3. The closed-toe shoes are all covered, so they give a bad smell while open-toe shoes don’t produce a bad smell as they are open.
  4. The closed-toe shoes produce sweat on your feet while open-toe shoes don’t produce sweat.
  5. The open-toe shoes are easy to use and clean especially in summer while closed-toe shoes are not such comfortable in summer as they are fit for cold weather.

What are the main types of closed-toed shoes?

In the market, you may come across the following Crocs which are closed-toe shoes.

Bistro clogs: These shoes are very lightweight. They have a boat-shaped toe box that covers the entire toes. They have taller heel cups to create balance. They provide slip resistance while treading.

Specialist clogs: These shoes are only 0.60 pounds but they don’t have slip-resistant soles. They have also boat-shaped toe boxes and taller heels than regular shoes. They are made of EVA soles.

On-the-Clock Work Clogs: these shoes are a little heavier than the first two. They are also boat-shaped crocs providing closed-toe and closed-heel. They are used as work shoes. They are very designed shoes. They have small air holes and slip-resistant soles.

Why do People like Closed-Toe Shoes?

Crocs are the most popular shoes with users all over the world. It depends on the work nature of the wearer to choose the right pair for him. People usually like them because;

#1. Safety from Toxic Material

The closed-toe crocs provide them with safety and protection. They normally use them in their workplace especially where there is a fear of chemical falls.

If you are working in a hospital, pub, hotel, or laboratory, it is a must for you to wear closed-toe crocs. They can save your feet from the toxic effects of the material.

#2. Safety from Cold Weather

In the winter days, it becomes quite difficult to move with the frozen toes. The closed-toe shoes help to fight against cold weather. You can easily move and walk anywhere with these shoes.

#3. Formal Use

If you are working in an office or school, you can’t go there in casual dress and shoes. It is against attenuates. So the open-toe shoes don’t give a professional look. But closed-toe shoes are quite fit and perfect for use in these places.

In this stylish and perfectly fashioned laced period, closed-toe shoes are gorgeous and commonly used shoes. So people mostly like to wear them during their office hours and gatherings.

#4. Athlete-Friendly Crocs

The players often have to perform exhausting activities, so they always want proper shoes for the purpose. Choosing the right pair of shoes can save them from accidents. So they prefer closed-toe shoes to build up their strength and confidence.

#5. Comfortable

The closed-toe shoes are a very perfect selection for all users. These shoes protect feet and are very comfortable under all conditions. But you will have to be careful matching the exact size of your feet.

 #6. Maintenance

Another attractive feature for the user of Crocs is the maintenance of shoes. The crocs can be washed with soapy water and dried soon. You can easily clean them.

#7. Water-Resistant Shoes

The Crocs are made of rubber that doesn’t absorb water at all. So, they can be used in water easily. The water normally can’t enter closed-toe shoes. You can stay in the water for a long time during work and can dry your shoes in no time.

#8. Slip-Resistant Shoes

The Crocs are slip-resistant shoes because of the soles used. They are ideal for swimming, boating, and running on any slippery surface.

#9. Bacteria-Resistant Shoes

Crocs always stop the bacterial-infections. As they don’t retain water and are cleaned easily, there is less fear of catching toe deformities and smell.

#10. Lightweight Shoes

Lastly, Crocs are lightweight shoes in both shapes closed-toe and open-toe. You can wear them, and carry them anywhere. You don’t feel any burden while wearing these special shoes.

Here is the detailed video about Are Crocs Closed Toe Shoes? Dress Code Guide!


Why are Crocs referred to as Clogs?

The Crocs are referred to as Clogs because they come in the same design and structure with just the difference of material used.

How are the closed-toe Crocs good for toes?

The closed-toe Crocs provide a lot better protection. They can cover the toes fully and give great support while running.  They are good for rough use.

Do the closed-toe crocs stretch with time?

Yes, all the crocs, whether they closed-toe or open-toe, stretch over Time. They are made of croslite material. Whenever you put them in the heat of the sun, they expand. In summer, the crocs often stretch.

Can you de-stretch your crocs?

Yes, you can. You just need to wash them at medium temperature, dry them, and wear them at bearable heat. You would find them de-stretched.


The crocs are commonly used shoes that come in both closed-toes and open-toes. They are designed to be used according to the work nature and fashion taste of an individual.

Both the shoes have their benefits and shorts. If closed-toes are good for the protection of your toes, the open-toes save you from bad smells and infections, etc.

Before you decide on the right one for your needs, take into consideration all the affecting factors such as work nature, workplace, weather conditions, durability, size, etc.

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