Can You Spray Paint Crocs?

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Have you ever wanted to jazz up your comfy but plain Crocs with a fresh new color? Painting foam rubber Crocs presents challenges since paint may not stick well and can crack over time. But with the right prep and painting tips, you can customize your Crocs with a stylish painted design that lasts.

Spray Paint Crocs

Can You Spray Paint Crocs is a normal thought to come to mind. It may be tough but not impractical. You can spray paint your Crocs by hydro-dipping (water transfer painting).

If you are interested in spraying paint on the Crocs, this article will provide you with in-depth information and a comprehensive guide on how to seal paint on the Crocs.

Can You Spray Paint Crocs?

Crocs is a very trendy and fashionable brand of lightweight, supportive, and flexible rubber shoes. Although it is a bit difficult you can certainly spray paint on your Crocs.

Paint Crocs easily

The best way to change the color of your crocs is Hydro-dipping known as water transfer painting. You need to choose the right spray paint for your Crocs that can renew or change the color of Crocs permanently.

 What Supplies do you need to Spray Paint the Crocs?

When you start to spray paint your Crocs, ensure the following supplies are near you.

  • A big plastic bucket
  • Four different kinds (acrylic or latex) of wet spray paint
  • A Spray Gun
  • A Brush  A Plastic Sheet
  • A Tape
  • A sharp knife or Blade
  • Gloves
  • Glasses

How to Spray Paint to the Crocs?

If your Crocs have dim colors and you want to renew them, you have to complete the process through the following steps.

#1. Clean the Surface

First of all, you should clean the surface with a moist paper towel. You can also use a baby wipe Keeping the crocs underwater flow for 5 seconds. Then, scrub the surface and rub the foam rubber for 30-45 seconds to remove any dirt or dust.

#2. Use Masking Tape

After cleaning the surface of the Crocs, apply masking tape on those areas you don’t want to spray paint. There is no need to paint every part of your Crocs if you don’t like it. Mostly, people leave the soles or heels unpainted.

Paint your crocs easily

I would suggest you leave the buttons on the strap. So put masking tape over them. You must be careful not to spread the tape around the button.

Cut the extra piece with a knife and pull it off so that there may be smaller pieces of buttons behind.

#3. Prepare the Paint

Now take a plastic container that is twice as big as your crocs so that the crocs may go deep enough to dip well in the water.

Fill the container with water about 4/5 and pour all the colors you want to mix. Now shake the mixture well to mix it properly.

Different Techniques to Paint Crocs

There are two popular techniques to paint Crocs.

#1. Use of Spray Gun

If you want to use a spray gun to spray pain to the Crocs, you simply need to fill the gun with prepared paint and pull the trigger to spray a coat of paint.

Make sure to keep your crocs on a clean sheet or a stand with a wall so that the paint may not waste. Apply at least two coats of paint.

#2. Hydro-Dipping the Crocs

The other way to paint the crocs is to dip them in the prepared mixture of paint. For this, you don’t have to do much except put the crocs in the bucket full of the material. Keep them in water for about 45 seconds.

You can also use a hook or a piece of string to hold the crocs in water and get them back easily.

#3. Remove the Masking Tape

When you have completed the process of coloring your crocs, remove the masking tape. Do it gently so that the color may not spoil.

How to Dry the Crocs?

After painting the crocs with a spray gun or dipping them in water, you need to dry them. It may take a long time to dry.

  1. If the weather is pleasant and there is no possibility of rainfall, put your crocs outside in the sun and let them dry. They may be ready soon for normal wearing.
  2. But if there is a chance of rain, put your crocs inside the room and let them dry. They may take a day or even more time to dry. Don’t use them until they are perfectly dried out.

Essential Precautions

While spraying paint on the crocs, you must take care of;

  • Applying the masking tape on the required place
  • Wearing gloves at your hands, a mask on your mouth, and glasses on the eyes
  • Keep the inflammable things away

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Crocs are a fashion and increasing trend among people nowadays. But some users are much fonder of glittering colors. They don’t like the original light color of the Crocs. They often think can you spray paint the Crocs?

They would be glad to know that they can change the color of their crocs in both ways, using a paint gun and submerging them in water. With a little effort and money, they can satisfy themselves.

If you want to paint your Crocs, my research will be beneficial to you. Keep smiling. 

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