Can You Take The Fur Out Of Crocs?

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Crocs are popular footwear choices for many people due to their comfort and versatility. However, some people find the fur lining in Crocs to be uncomfortable or unnecessary. Fortunately, it is possible to remove the fur lining from Crocs without damaging the shoes.

In this blog post, we will discuss two methods (according to our experience ) for removing the fur lining from Crocs. We will also provide some tips for making the process easier.

Can You Take the Fur Out of Crocs?

Yes! definitely you can. It’s a common misconception that fur can’t be removed. You can surely take out the fur from Crocs by using a hair dryer, nail clippers, and your own two hands.

The fur on the inside of Crocs can be a great annoyance. They start accumulating in the cracks of your crocs and continue to do so until you take out them.

If you want to keep your crocs looking fresh, it’s best to get the fur out of crocs.

Why Take Out Fur Out Of Crocs?

People want to take the fur out of Crocs because;

  • They don’t like such type of hairy and stylish decoration on the Crocs.
  • They want to see their Crocs neat and clean.
  • They take the fur out of the Crocs when they want them to better fit.
  • They want to create a reasonable space for the toes during the walk.
  • They want to take out the fur when they are damaged or scratched.
  • They want to take out the fur because of the heat during summer days.
  • They want to wash the crocs thoroughly when they find dirt or mud left lying on them.
  • They want to take out the fur especially when they work in wet places.

What do you need to take Fur Out Of Crocs?

When the fur on the Crocs becomes irritating and gets stuck in the folds and creases, you always want to take them out of the Crocs.

You must arrange the following supplies with you that you may need.

  • A dryer sheet
  • A rubber glove
  • A lint roller
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Wet wipes

How to Take Fur Out Of Crocs?

If you want to take the fur out of Crocs, you can do this easily by following any of the ways given below. This section is about how to take the fur out of Crocs.

#1. Get Your Crocs prepared

First of all, get your Crocs prepared to get out the fur. You should ensure that everything is intact and keep the Crocs in a position where you can see and reach the target with no hassle.

Remove Crocs Furr

#2. Trace the Rivets of the Crocs

After getting the right position, trace the rivets of the crocs as it is not difficult to find. When you locate the exterior of the rivet, place your thumb there.

#3. Disconnect the Fur from the Rivet Button

After tracing the rivets and placing your thumb exactly on them, now you are supposed to disconnect the rivet button in the Crocs to free the fur for taking them out easily.

#4. Pull the Fur Away

When the rivet button is safely disconnected, pull it gently to take the fur out of Crocs. Do this to both sides of your Crocs.

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#5. Clean the Crocs

When you have got out the fur safely, your crocs may need cleaning. If you find them dirty, you can wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap to clean them.

#6. Use of Scissors

If there are no rivets, and the fur is attached to the crocs with some sort of glue or sewn onto the shoes as part of its design. You need not worry thinking about how to get the fur out of the Crocs. You can use a pair of scissors to cut them.

Remove Crocs Furr easily

#7. Use of Blade

In the case of no rivets, you can also use a sharp object like a razor blade or an x-acto knife. But use it carefully to cut down the fur inside of your crocs until you reach the bottom.

#8. Use of Water

Some designers suggest that you can take the fur out of Crocs using water. They tell the following steps for the process.

Step #1

 You need a small bowl of cold water, dishwashing liquid, a dryer sheet, and a hair brush.

Step #2

Take your Crocs off and add some dishwashing liquid to the water. Don’t forget to put on rubber gloves as the liquid can harm your hands.

Step #3

Place your crocs in the water.  When they are wet, rinse them off with cold water until the fur is gone. You can use baking soda if you find the fur sticky enough.

Step #4

Remove any remaining fur with your hairbrush, or scrub it gently with your hand. You can clean them with a damp cloth and let them dry overnight.

Remove Crocs Furr


To summarize, whether you can remove the fur lining from your Crocs depends on the specific model. Some allow the fur to be taken out easily, while in other models the fur is permanently attached.

If your Crocs have removable fur, you can simply pull it out. But trying to remove fixed fur could damage the shoes. An alternative is having two pairs – fuzzy Crocs for winter, and regular Crocs for summer. This allows switching between fur-lined and no-fur options by season. The choice comes down to your budget and the Crocs model you prefer.

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