Do Crocs Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

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Crocs with stiff soles and cushioned footbeds provide comfort while standing or walking. But if they have thickly cushioned soles, they may twist or bend and cause stress or pain on your feet.

Therefore picking the proper pair of crocs is very necessary for the good health of your feet. It is important not only for plantar fasciitis but also for regular use.

Do crocs help with plantar fasciitis? It is a commonly asked question. In most cases, Crocs help in relieving the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. But if you feel extreme plantar fasciitis pain, you need some additional treatments and therapies.

Some Podiatrists say that Crocs are casual waterproof and non-slip shoes. They are not for walking long distances but they help with plantar fasciitis

They are very popular for their comfort and flexibility. Therefore, most Crocs are particularly designed for people who feel Plantar Fasciitis pain. Crocs are helpful to reduce this pain.

How Do Crocs Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

When you can pick those particular Crocs that give relief to plantar fasciitis pain, they have the following distinctive characteristics to alleviate foot or heel pain.

#1. Lightweight

As Crocs are made from Croslite material, they are very soft and lightweight. Due to EVA foam resin material, crocs help with plantar fasciitis.

The patients always prefer lightweight shoes to wear so that they may get some relief.

#2. Cushioning Insole

People who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, always look for comfort in providing shoes. Crocs give them comfortable cushioned footbeds to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis.

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The LiteRide next-generation foam cushioned insoles of the crocs ensure comfortable wear.

#3. Thick and Stiff Outsole

Most of the crocs come with a thick and stiff outsole to reduce plantar fasciitis pain. These soles can bear pressure. They won’t bend or twist while walking.

#4. Open Design/Loose Fit

If you feel plantar fasciitis pain, pick a pair of Crocs with a loose fit or open design. They provide enough space for your feet to breathe.

They have also sufficient room in the toe box for free movements of the toe and they don’t get compressed while walking.

#5. Good Arch Support

Many Crocs are specially designed for those people who have persistent plantar fasciitis pain. They provide better arch support to the plantar fasciitis while walking or standing.

#6. Proper Heel Support

Crocs are designed in a way that can provide proper heel support while walking. They help with plantar fasciitis pain especially when you do too much stretching.

The good heels reduce tears in the plantar fascia muscle and absorb shock during walking.

#7. Shock Absorbing Capacity

People suffering from plantar fasciitis need Crocs that can absorb the shocks while walking and let the plantar fascia muscle relax.

The Croslite outsoles made from foam resins (shock-absorbing material) can absorb all pressures, shocks, and bumps.

Here is a perfect guide video about Plantar Fasciitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear Crocs for a longer period?

No, you can’t and you should wear Crocs for a longer period. Crocs are made for usual walking not for running. Some right pair of crocs may comfort your heel for a longer period during walking.

If you want to walk or run for long distances and long periods, you should pick other shoes with better arch support and soft cushioning.

Do podiatrists recommend Crocs for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, some podiatrists suggest Crocs for plantar fasciitis because Crocs offer better arch support, good cushioning, and massaging dots to relieve heel pain. They also have a firm grip to be in place.

Do Birkenstocks help with plantar fasciitis?

Yes, they help. Birkenstocks are very well-liked sandals for plantar fasciitis. They are molded according to the shape of the feet and reduce strain on the arch by providing solid grip and support.

Does walking help plantar fasciitis?

Yes, it does. If you walk after lying in bed or sitting in one place for a long time, it may relieve your plantar fasciitis pain as the muscles stretch out.


However, if you want to wear Crocs for plantar fasciitis, pick the best one with proper arch support, resistant heels, thick inner sole, rigid outer sole, roomy toe box, and shock absorbing capacity.

Stylish and trendy fashion Crocs do not help with plantar fasciitis. So if you have plantar fasciitis pain, always pick the right pair of crocs that can relieve your foot pain.

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