How Long Do Crocs Last?

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Crocs are the most well-known and distinctive shoe manufacturing company. They provided very comfortably, breathable, and lightweight shoes. Crocs are more durable and better than all other flip-flops or rubber-based shoes.

Crocs are made of Croslite material (a rubber-like polymer), that’s why they are softer and less prone to shrinkage and cracking.

They are flexible to wear and have a firm grip that prevents falling. They also restrain fungal growth. But before buying this type of footwear, everyone thinks that how long do crocs last, or what does is their age range.

How Long Do Crocs Last?

It always depends on the wearer’s mode of using crocs. If you use them carefully and keep them clean, their life span will be more. But if you ignore them and seldom clean them, they will wear out soon.

Normally the crocs last for 3 to 4 years with proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Maintenance is very essential in any case.

How Long Do Crocs Last

How long do crocs last? It varies according to a person’s behavior. When you wear them roughly for a long time, you will mortify the Croslite soles soon and damage them quickly.

Which Factors Make Crocs Last Longer?

There are certain factors that cause your crocs last longer.

#1. Manufacturing Material

The quality and durability of your crocs always depend on the material used in their manufacturing. Crocs are made of a resin called Croslite which is a very durable and soft material.

The Croslite foam makes them more durable and less likely to be destroyed soon.

#2. Regular Use

If you wear crocs regularly either in winter or summer, their durability will reduce. The Croslite material is soft enough to absorb shock and the force applied by running and walking.

This force protects your crocs from getting back force from the ground and from your feet.

#3. Protect Water Damage

The shoes get damaged when they absorb water because water is very dangerous and it reduces the life span of your shoes.

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But the case of crocs is different as their material (Croslite, canvas, leather, and plastic) is waterproof. They don’t absorb water and can last longer.

#4. Avoid Sunshine

The materials used in crocs are very sensitive to heat. If you avoid any contact with the heat and don’t let them in the sunshine for a long time, they can easily last long.

#5. Avoid Chemicals

The crocs are damaged; if you use them while working with chemicals. I would suggest you avoid any contact with any type of chemical so that your crocs may last longer.

#6. Use of Salt

When the weather is much cold and there is ice everywhere, first try to avoid walking with crocs. But if it is necessary to walk there with crocs, then use salt with the crocs or on the roads. In this way, your crocs can last longer.

#7. Avoid Walking on Rocky Roads

The crocs are made of soft material. When you walk on rocky or uneven ground, they get damaged soon. So it is advised not to walk on such roads where the outsoles of the crocs scratch or break down. This can cause them last longer.

#8. Avoid Running

The crocs are not made for running. They are less secure and loosen soon while running. If you run with these crocs, their soles will wear out quickly. So if you avoid running in them, they can last longer.

Here is the detailed video to boost your information about the crocs age 🙂

#9. Keep Two Pair of Crocs

If you have only one pair of crocs and wear it all the time, they will tear soon. So you should buy another pair of crocs. When you use and change them repeatedly, they can last a long.

#10. Proper Maintenance

Whatever you use, it demands proper maintenance.  If you clean your crocs regularly and wash them whenever you find any dirt on the sole or upper portion, they will last longer.


The life of the crocs depends on the wearer’s style of using them. They are made of such a material that doesn’t last long under certain conditions.

If you want to make them last longer, you have avoided all those conditions. Try to keep them clean and protect them from sensitive things. If you care for them properly, they can easily last for 3 to 4 years.

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