How To Fix Crocs That Shrunk?

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Nowadays, online shopping has become an easy and popular trend. If you’ve purchased Crocs online and find them to be unfit upon arrival, feeling a little too tight or loose, you might want to fix them accurately.

Tight Crocs aren’t just uncomfortable; they can also be harmful to the feet and may even deform the toes. To address this issue, some people try to shrink the Crocs, either by putting them in the dryer or leaving them under the sun. However, this method can be quite hit-or-miss, as sometimes they end up fitting perfectly, while other times they shrink badly.

You might be wondering how to fix your shrunken Crocs. This article will guide you through the most commonly used methods to repair your deformed Crocs effectively.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with practical solutions to restore your favorite footwear to its original size and shape!

How to fix deformed Crocs?

You can fix or unshrink your deformed Crocs by following different methods with different degrees of success.

#1. Using Socks

If your Crocs are shrunk and become tight, you can fix them by using thick socks. The socks will put pressure on the crocs and they will stretch again and perfectly fit your feet.

At first, you will feel a little tight but gradually they can get the original shape. The socks are a very safe method that won’t damage the Crocs. This method works well to fix the deformed crocs.

  • First Put your crocs in the medium hot water for 5 minutes.
  • Now Remove the Crocs from the water and try it with a towel.
  • After that wear 3 pairs of socks.
  • Now wear your Crocs for 15 minutes.
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#2. Using Balled-Up Socks or Newspapers

You can also use balled socks (old socks, crumpled pieces of clothes) or newspaper inside your crocks to unshrink them to their original shape. Always push the material to the toe.

#3. Using a Shoe Stretcher

Shoe stretchers are the best innovative devices that can be used to increase the length and breadth of the Crocs. The stretchers can fit your Crocs effectively, quickly, and efficiently.

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Leave the stretcher inside your Crocs for at least 12 hours to get the best and perfect results.

#4. Freezing Method

It is the most popular and common method to unshrink Crocs. Here, you have to freeze your Crocs until they get stiff, then you can stretch them back into their original shape.

You just have to put your Crocs into a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer all night. They will come back in their exact position in the morning.

#5. Drying Method

It is a less common method to unshrink Crocs. It can be useful when other methods don’t work. You can use the hair dryer to heat the Crocs and then stretch them back into the normal shape.

Here, you have to hold the Crocs in one hand and put them in front of a hair dryer at a distance of about six inches. After a while, remove them. They will come back into their original shape.

#6. Boiling Water Method

You can also use the boiling water method to unshrink Crocs. Here, place your crocs in a pot of water, and then stretch them back into their original shape when they are wet.

If they are not stretched with one time process, you will have to repeat the action. But be careful, not to keep your Crocs a lot more time in the water.

#7. Oven Method

The oven method is not a very popular method to unshrink Crocs. When other methods don’t work, put the Crocs in the oven for a few minutes. They can be stretched back into their normal shape when they are warm.

But here again, you have to be careful. If you keep a little more time in the oven, they will melt. So hold the Crocs with a safety wire or baking sheet and take them near the heat for about 3-5 minutes.

#8. Washing Machine Method

It is also a less common method to unshrink Crocs, used when others don’t work. You just need to put your Crocs in the washing machine and stretch them back.

But you must be careful that the machine should be on a delicate cycle. After completing the process, dry the crocs and use them. Sometimes, you may have to repeat the process.


Can the crocs stretch?

Yes, crocs can stretch easily. They are made of croslite (resin-like material). It is a soft, flexible, and very comfortable material that can stretch to some extent. The crocs can stretch by half an inch to a full. It all depends on the use and the shape of the foot.

Can I unshrink my Crocs in the heat dryer?

Yes, you can unshrink your Crocs in the heat dryer. But the heat must be at the lowest setting to avoid any damage.

How many times can I stretch my crocs?

You can stretch your Crocs one time and wear them all the time. But if you feel the Crocs tight, you can repeat the process as required.

To how much extent can I stretch my Crocs?

You can stretch your crocs by half an inch to a full.

Can I shrink the Crocs which are overstretched?

Yes, you can shrink the crocs which are overstretched easily by following different methods to get the desired results.


The crocs are made of such material that can be stretched safely and efficiently. But if they are overstretched, they can be unshrunk again by using different methods. It is up to you to decide whatever method best suits your needs. You just need to adopt it carefully to avoid any damage to the crocs.

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